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Yahtzee With Buddies game

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You can play Yahtzee With Buddies by challenging players in Dice With Buddies, in addition to other Yahtzee With Buddies players from your family, circle of friends, or around the world.
You can even challenge players in Dice with Buddies. Pick up your shaker and dice and prepare to shout “Yahtzee”

In game Yahtzee With Buddies, you take turns, and have three rolls of five dice to create “hands” and fulfill specific goals, from straights and a full house to three and four of a kind and more. You can spend real money on bonus rolls to help them out. You receive a small number of free bonus rolls as they play, and can also ask their Facebook friends for additional rolls.
Yahtzee With Buddies supports friendly competition and tournament play, with daily and weekly worldwide events planned. It’s free to download, with features such as bonus rolls available for purchase. It has a new look and mobile-minded controls.
Yahtzee With Buddies is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Scopely also plans to release the game on Apple Watch when the device debuts later this year
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